Mary, Breast Cancer

Advancing Cancer Research

Research is at the core of Scott Hamilton’s fight against cancer. While all research that strives for a positive change is very worthwhile, the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation seeks research opportunities with an emphasis on the following areas:

Early Detection

99% of cancer is treatable when detected early. Our goal is that 100% of those who should be screened for cancer are. Period.


A promising treatment which uses the body's own disease-fighting system to prevent the spread of cancer. We fund research dedicated to bringing this unique therapy to everyday application with a goal of eliminating chemotherapy and its toxic, debilitating side effects.

Proton Therapy

A proven, FDA-approved treatment option for those diagnosed with localized cancer such as found in the prostate, breast, or brain. This non-invasive treatment reduces the side effects caused by conventional radiation therapy and surgery.


The Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation was created to promote and support world-class research and quality care that lead to a cure of cancer. Our passion is making breakthroughs that will help patients in their journey to a full recovery. We strive to connect researchers, healthcare providers, and patients. CARES proactively creates opportunities for stakeholders to learn from each other, share ideas, and make survivorship the ultimate goal.

Scott Hamilton and his team are currently recruiting a diverse group of volunteers to provide guidance and oversight of all SHCF research projects. In addition to some of the greatest minds in oncology, Scott believes it is critical to have survivors actively engaged in funding decisions.

While SHCF believes it is critical to find cures, we also believe it is essential to develop early detection tests that will increase survivorship. Furthermore, SHCF will fund research in multiple areas of cancer including, but not limited to pancreatic, lung, colon, breast, prostate, and pediatric cancers. There is not one “silver bullet” that will rid our world of cancer. As such, a diverse research portfolio is imperative to saving more lives.

We acknowledge and applaud the excellent work of so many oncology researchers and organizations around the world and actively seek to engage them in working together to share research, findings, and quickly disseminating information to the appropriate stakeholders.

Until we feel it is appropriate to hire our own researchers, SHCF will proactively engage some of the world’s preeminent researchers to conduct research that our Scientific Advisory Committee believes are critical to increasing survivorship.