There are Many Ways to Support Us

We all have time, talent, and treasures that we can share to make our world a better place. Do you have time to email, text, or call your 5 best friends? Can you organize your coworkers, church members, family and friends to spend a couple of hours together? Can you afford to give up a movie, ball game, or coffee if you knew your sacrifice would change a life? If you answered “YES” to anything above then consider yourself recruited to help the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation in the fight against cancer!


1. Make a Donation

Cancer doesn’t rest, nor should we. As such, we encourage you to join us in the fight against cancer. While most of our donors give online using a debit or credit card, many people write a check directly. Yet others choose to donate stock. Regardless of the size or the method of giving, your support is critical to making the cancer journey better for the next patient.

To make a donation now, click here.

If you have questions about making a donation, please email


2. Volunteer

If you live in Knoxville, Tennessee or Nashville, Tennessee, we may have a volunteer role for you at our offices. If you live somewhere else, there are still lots of volunteer opportunities! We have or will create diverse opportunities for our dedicated volunteers.  

We need volunteer coordinators in every community around the country. In your local community, you can promote Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation’s mission, programs, partnerships, and help fundraise. Email us at to learn more about how you can become a volunteer.  We need you because cancer patients need us!


3. Attend Events

The Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation has a variety of ways for people to join the fight against cancer through a diverse selection of events around the country.

Sk8 To Elimin8 Cancer™ will be held in rinks around the country.  While there will probably not be any professional skaters in attendance, there will be thousands of people around the country supporting survivors and raising money.

Scott Hamilton and Friends events are currently scheduled for Nashville, Tennessee on November 20, 2016. 


4. Fundraise With Team Scott CARES

Team Scott CARES allows each of us to do something we love to raise money to help more people become survivors. Do you jog or walk? Do you bake or cook? Have you ever hosted a dinner party? If so, you can raise money for the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation.

You can create a fundraising page that will allow you to solicit and accept donations that will go directly to our foundation. The beauty of “Do It Yourself” fundraising is you can be as creative as you would like.  Or, you can be like others who register for a 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon or cycling event that they were already going to do and then register here which allows you to raise money for a great cause doing something that you enjoy.  Setting up your fundraising page will allow you to share the link with friends and family so they can support you in fighting cancer and supporting survivors.  

Whether you raise $250 or $25,000, you are absolutely making a difference and hopefully inspiring someone else you know to support us.


5. Planned Giving

While all donations are extremely important, the 1984 Society is the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation's planned giving society.  This society was established to honor supporters who have remembered for the Foundation in their wills or through other types of planned gifts.  The 1984 Society was established because so many of us believe in the foundation’s work that they want to continue to invest in defeating cancer and supporting survivors forever.
Members of the 1984 Society are listed in the Foundation's annual report (if they would like) and receive regular communication from the foundation regarding the impact we are making because of our generous supporters.

For details on becoming a founding member of the 1984 Society, please contact Karri Morgan at or toll free at 1-844-SCOTT84 (844.726.8884). There is no obligation to learn more and your conversation will be kept confidential.

What exactly is planned giving?

Planned giving allows you to decide how you might use the assets accumulated throughout your lifetime to change the face of cancer research and survivorship programs.

While you believe in our mission and do not invest your time or treasures to support us because of tax benefits, a properly planned gift may benefit you and your family, while supporting our foundation.  A properly drafted estate plan can minimize costs and taxes, provides for your family and those you love, and ensures that your estate is distributed how you would like.

The most common type of planned gift is through a bequest in your will.  The wording in your will or trust states that a portion or all of their estate shall pass to the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation.  Sample language to use might include:

“I/We hereby give __________(could be dollar amount, percentage or specific assets) to the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation, 2095 Lakeside Centre Way, Suite 101,Knoxville, TN 37922.
If you already have your estate plan in place, your estate planning attorney can help you amend it by drafting a legal document called a “codicil” or for a trust it is call an “amendment.”

Many other generous supporters consider including our foundation as a remainder beneficiary of a life insurance policy, IRA or 401(k).  When you set these up initially, you probably left a family member as a 100% beneficiary.  While we strongly believe in supporting our family and loved ones, many of us do consider leaving a portion of insurance policies or retirement accounts to our place of worship or favorite charity.  To do this, you typically need to update a one-page form and return it to your plan administrator.  Some plans even allow you to update your beneficiary information online.  Regardless, a few minutes of your time will ensure that the next cancer patient has an easier journey.

There are other, more complex planned gifts such as charitable lead trusts, charitable remainder trusts, or a retained life estate.  While we will provide information, we will encourage you to always keep your family and your financial advisors involved in these types of discussions.

Legal Information

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Contact Us

For more information or to contact the Foundation with your intentions for planned giving, please contact Karri Morgan at